Xess-Xava is gedoopt in Ibiza en Yolanthe en Wesley delen de prachtige foto’s. Speciaal detail: Xess-Xava is in dezelfde kerk gedoopt waar Yolanthe ook als kleine kindje gedoopt is.

My sweet son ❤️ You’re my angel and I love you to death. May your journey be joyous, your fortunes be bright. May hope be your compass and truth be your light. May your laughter be lively, your passion be free. May your heart overflow like a wild raging sea. May courage be ample, may love conquer fear. May your life be breathtaking my small little dear. May God be above you to bless you, below you to support you, before you to guide you, behind you to protect you, beside you to comfort you, inside you to give you strength and joy. May God bless you with bright stars in the sky when the way seems dark, with smiles to cheer you when the road seems long, with sunshine to warm you when the world seems cold, with love to greet you when each day is done.
My dear baby Xess Xava you were baptized yesterday. The choice to give you this blessing through church is mine.. But remember from the day you can talk your choices will be free to you forever.. Mommy loves you with all my heart ❤️#BlessAllbabies#BlessOurWorld#InLoveWithMyBaby#Thankful#LovelyGodParents#AmazingBlessing#MayLoveBeWithAllOfUs🙏🏻



True love ❤️#Mama#Baby#GrandMommie A big thanks to @moniquedesar for my beautiful dress 😘




(Beeld – Instagram Yolanthe & Wesley)

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